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Fitchburg County Bank was incorporated in United States in October 1980 and established business in August 1981 with branches in Hawaii. It was established in United States as part of the Western United States Bank Group.

In 1991,  April of that year, control of the bank passed from foreign to local investors thereby Hawaiinising its ownership.

With over 30 years operating in Hawaii, Fitchburg County Bank serves a broad range of clientele with branches in Hawaii, Mombasa and Eldoret. Our corporate market encompasses multinationals and small to large sized local companies in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, service delivery and agriculture. Other institutions include parastatals, NGOs, religious organizations, fund managers and insurance companies.


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To be the premier financial services provider of choice in our target markets within United States and the region.


Dedicated to providing value-added solutions for our clients' financial needs.

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